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What do you actually do?


This is the core of what we do. We minister the power of God's love in war zones and areas where women and girls are used in sexual exploitation. What we've seen through our work, is that until a heart is healed and changed through love and the power of God, they won't be able to dream of a different future for themselves. Through a mixture of counseling, mentoring, and spiritual growth teachings, we lead these girls into a place where they know they are loved and can begin to walk out their destiny and dreams.


How do you do it?


Rehabilitation & Rescue Homes

A safe place for vulnerable girls to be loved, healed, and restored in a family environment, so that they can become self-sustaining. Currently we have a Rescue Home for young girls, both Acholi and Congolese, ages 4-13 who were at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

  • Counseling and mentoring

  • Spiritual discipleship

  • Education/School sponsorship

  • Vocational Training

  • Tutoring/English classes

  • Economic Empowerment (jewelry making)

  • Medical care

  • A community of other girls


We go out to communities of commerical sex workers, many Congolese refugees who came to Uganda hoping for a better life and try to reach them with the love of God so that they might come out of the industry or let us take in their daughters who are at risk of continuing the cycle. Visit: http://www.saritahartz.com (tag Congolese) to read their story

  • Healing crusades, conferences, and movie events

  • Women's bible study/counseling groups

  • Economic empowerment/job training

  • HIV counseling/prevention


Counseling & Resource Center

We are currently in the process of opening a counseling and resource center in Gulu town which will provide:

  • Crisis Counseling & Emergency care for victims of Gender Based Violence

  • Support groups

  • Employment in Jewelry making and Handbags 

  • Group Counseling and spiritual discipleship

  • Referrals


What does the future look like?

 Our ultimate vision is to God's kingdom bring a revival of love in Gulu. To open up a Healing Retreat Center for the broken hearted, both Ugandans, and missionaries who need healing in their hearts.



Who do you help?

We work with girls in the following categories:

  • Girl child soldiers who were kidnaped and used as soldiers and sex slaves during the 23 year long war in northern Uganda

  • Girl child mothers who were raped and have a child to take care of

  • Girls who are victims of child prostitution

  • Girls sex-trafficked or involved in the commercial sex industry due to poverty, war, and lack of options


Why Should I help?


  • Of the 300,000 child soldiers around the world, 120,000 are estimated to be girls

  • In Uganda's 23 year long war, over 60,000 children were abducted, indoctrinated, forced to kill or be killed, and used as sex slaves

  • 10 million children worldwide are engaged in some facet of the sex industry. Each year at least one million children, mostly girls, become prostitutes

  • Every 26 seconds a new child is taken from their home and family and forced into the commercial sex industry

  • The average age of victims is 11-14


What happens to the money I give?

Because we are a small organization, with very little overhead costs, your money goes directly to the people we are serving. We are very accountable for all the funding sent to us. Our Director Sarita, is very committed to ensuring that money is not wasted. She even lives in Uganda year round to cut costs and receives a very small salary (plus she loves living in Uganda :)


Do you accept Long-Term Volunteers?

Yes we do, as well as short-termers and interns. Please apply on the Volunteering in Uganda page.


Are you faith based?

Yes, we love Jesus and we love love. 

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