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Sponsor A Woman

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Imani Club

Imani Club is a unique way for you to sponsor one of our women. It's simple.
Sign up for a subscription of only $25 a month and we will deliver one of our hand-crafted necklaces straight to your doorstep each month. Not only is this a way for you to help keep women in Uganda free from poverty and forced prostitution, but to also receive a new piece of jewelry every month that you can either give as a gift or wear for yourself. 


Your sponsorship helps us give her a job and keep her out of the sex-industry. 

Saving lives and surprises every month? Why not?
Sign up today and receive your first necklace! 


Imani is Zion Project's socially conscious business based in the war-affected region of northern Uganda which seeks to free women from the global sex trade and alleviate poverty through healing, empowerment, and fashion design.

We partner with women escaping the sex trade to create jewelry which is handmade from indigenous materials. All jewelry is hand-crafted in northern Uganda and women receive fair trade wages, which empower them to provide for their families and educate their children.

Imani also offers trauma counseling, savings and business classes, and English classes to all the women we employ in an effort to see them reach their potential.

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